Build a little adventure of your own with this new Reactive Motion Tower Crane!

This fantastic crane will keep the kids entertained for hours as they play construction and move things around using the latest in hi-tech controls.

The reactive motion remote works on movement - so you can tilt it left and it'll go left, or tilt it right and it'll go right - and there's a switch on it so you can lift and lower the crane too!

Complete with adjustable crane, stabilising feet, a large hook, bucket and flat tray, the Tower Crane even has flashing lights when the hoist is in operation! Why not make today the day to start lifting loads and get the job done?!

Crane stands over 62cm tall.
Requires 6AA batteries (not included).

  Tower Crane Specifications

Barcode # 012067962504
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 1.55kg

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