Your TNT Computer Nuke is the ultimate gag that will shut down your computer with a bang!

The plunger will bring about total destruction as you plug it into your USB and give it a push.

Watch the explosions on your screen and listen to the sound effects as your computer gets frazzled!

Don't worry, no 'real' harm will come to your computer, but it WILL make you feel better!

Simply depress the plunger and your computer will shut down safely (after the on-screen explosions)!

A great gift for office workers or the technologically challenged, but be sure to reassure them that you haven't really destroyed their computer after your amusing practical joke!

Does not work with Apple Mac computers.
Make sure your work is saved before shutting down your computer!

  All the cool TNT Computer Nuke Specifications

Barcode # 5060150689017
Shipping Weight 0.26kg

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