Recycle your used drink cans and help save the environment as you create an amazing edge-detecting robot that will move along your elevated bench top and automatically detect the edges to avoid falling!

This hands on science kit will teach you the basics of robotics as you construct your working table top robot. When activated, watch him scuttle around under his own power and change direction when he encounters the edge!

Contains base cover, base with wires, lower can ring, upper can ring, gear top plate, battery cover, lower arm x 2, upper arm x 2, transparent cover, motor with wires, axle x 2, eye support x 2, eye x 2, bolt & nut x 2, gear wheel x 2, terminal cap x 2, small screw x 5 and detailed instructions.

Also required, but not included: A clean empty soft drink can, a small cross head screwdriver, one AAA battery.

Assembled dimensions: Approximately 17cm x 8.5cm.
Recommended for ages 8 and up.

  Tin Can Edge Detector Robot Specifications

Barcode # 4893156033703
Brand 4M
Shipping Weight 0.48kg

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