The Kidzlabs Octopus Robotic Claw lets you build your very own mechanical octopus gripper! How cool!

Using the flexible materials included, you can make a soft bionic claw that imitates the manoeuvrabilityof a real octopus tentacle.

It's quick and easy to assemble, making it satisfying for younger children to assemble and play with, over and over again!

Pull the handle to pick up objects from around your home. The claw will grip the object in a form-fitting manner for the ultimate octo grip!

Your bionic hand can grip many different shaped items softly and securely. This is to closely mimic the soft and supple muscle of an octopus.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

  Kidzlabs Octopus Robotic Claw Specifications

Barcode # 4893156034342
Brand 4M
Shipping Weight 0.65kg

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