Wouldn't it be great if every time you looked up at the clock, it told you that it was time to knock off work? Well, the Time to Drink Clock will tell you just that!

From the popular Jonathon Knowles range, the Time to Drink clock is well-crafted, and looks great hanging on any wall. But the best thing about it is that every number on the clock says '5', so whenever you look up at the clock, no matter what time it is, it's quitting time!

This is a great item for the office and will be sure to get laughs from your colleagues or employees.

So if you're wishing it was time to knock off, why not get the Time to Drink clock so it can tell you that it is!

Materials: Solid thick clear plastic front and thick gloss black plastic frame.

Requires 1 x AA battery (not included).

  Time to Drink Clock Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.95kg

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