We all know someone who sleeps so deeply that they literally need to be BLASTED off the mattress to get up, right?

From time to time we all have those mornings where we need a bomb under us to get going for the day. Well, the Time Bomb Alarm Clock and Money Bank looks like a cartoon fuse bomb and is bound to get even the deepest sleeper out of the sack!

When the alarm is due to go off, it starts to count down with an ominous tick tock sound that gives you time to defuse it if you're awake enough. But if you're not, the clock erupts with an ALMIGHTY explosion noise!

But that's not all! This terrific time-keeper also doubles as an inspiring money bank!

By simply choosing the ƒ??bank' function, your alarm clock is transformed into a money box with a twist! If you're a regular saver you are safe from the pending explosion, but if you're notƒ?Ý BOOM! That's right, you can actually program your Time Bomb to set off a warning explosion every 1, 2 or 3 days if it hasn't received any coins!

Aim high and slot a coin in every day, or re-program if you feel like slacking off on the saving front. But watch out, the Time Bomb Alarm Clock and Money Bank is sure to let you know in the most explosive of ways if you decide to miss an appointment with it ƒ?? spitting out all your hard earned coins from the hidden compartment at the back!

So if you need motivation to save and a bomb under you to get up in the morning then this is the perfect combination ƒ?? it's hard to ignore!

Dimensions: Approx. 14cm x 14cm x 14cm

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.330kg

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