With your Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser ready and waiting on your desk, it's hard to forget your recommended eight glasses of water per day. Have a drink when you need it!

By attaching your water bottle to the dispenser, you're all set to go! Bring a bottle from home or buy one from the store, the clever bit is, your Thirsty Bird features an adapter that fits two different sized bottles!

So when you need an energy boost at the end of the day, you can swap your H20 for a bottle of Powerade! Not something we recommend on a daily basis... It's best to save that for the weekend!

So Qualy's Thirsty Bird Portable Water Dispenser serves as a stylish reminder to drink-up throughout your working day. Available in white with a green Sparrow perched atop the spigot!

It packs up so light and small that you can pop it in your briefcase or handbag!

Setting up your portable water dispenser:

1. Create your stand by sliding the 3 legs into the main body.
2. Attach your water bottle to the main body (use the cap adapter if necessary).
3. Release the water by pushing your sparrow toward the bottle!

Works best with still water.
Dimensions: 17.5cm x 18.5cm x 23cm.
Suits two different sizes of bottles - some minimal assembly required.

  Thirsty Bird Specifications

Barcode # 8858782114710
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.35kg

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