Introducing the Sphere Mood Light that has the simplicity of an Apple™ product without the price tag. The Sphere Mood Light is easy to use and can be placed anywhere in your room to achieve instant mood lighting. Powered either by 3 x AA batteries or by USB power, it's ideal for generating wow¨« when your guests walk into a room.

The Sphere has two modes of operation, you can use the button on the back of the Sphere to turn it on and it will go right into a colour fade morphing mode. Then if you want it to be set to a solid colour simply press the button again to lock in the colour.

The second mode uses the included Multifunction Remote Control. The buttons on your remote allow you to set brightness, turn the unit off & on, choose an individual colour and shade of colour from Red, Green or Blue. You can even set your Sphere to white light.

Your Sphere Mood Light can be set to flash fast or flash through all colours slowly or to morph through all colours fast or slow. The Sphere Mood Light remote control will work at a distance of 2.5 metres.

Your Sphere Mood Light Comes with:
1 x Sphere Mood Light (Includes internal battery compartment for "wireless" operation)
1 x USB Power Adapter Cable (Requires a USB power cube or computer)
1 x Multifunction Remote Control
1 x Instruction Sheet

Want to transform a whole room? Get the specially priced Sphere Mood Light Room Pack.

The Sphere Mood Light has been designed to look cool, unobtrusive and can easily be hidden behind the couch or even displayed as an art piece on the coffee table or on a side shelf.

The wattage is 1W, 10 lumen's.

  The Sphere Mood Light Specifications

Barcode # 9342549007920
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.68kg

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