Do you find yourself saying "no" a lot? Sometimes you simply need to get your point across, and a straightforward no just won't do it!

So here's a keyring that will do it for you, just to mix things up a bit. Keep your answer in the palm of your hand, and with 10 different pre-recorded sayings, the answer is always "no"! However and whenever you need to say it, push your button to get your message across.

Can we stop for ice cream? "No!"
Can we have takeaway for tea? "No, No, No"
Are we there yet? "For the last time, No"!
Can I have some money? "Nooooo!"

It's the perfect gag gift for teachers, bosses, and parents. Say 'yes' to the NO! Button Keyring!

Dimensions 3.5cm in diameter.
Recommended for ages 5 and up.
Requires 2 x Button Cell batteries (included).


The No Button Keyring Reviews

Great for parents or partners

By: Jessica O'Toole on 18 December 2018
I bought this for my brother, who has 3 children they actually laugh when he uses it to say no

YES, YES ,YES for the NO buzzer

By: Trish Gibson on 5 December 2018
Cool item ... fun esponses ... am using for non-verbal special needs ... YES for the NO buzzer

Battery failed instantly

By: Vic A on 4 January 2018
I love this product, but as soon as I got it the battery failed instantly. Nevertheless it’s a great ice breaker and point of discussion with friends

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