In this world, we know but one thing to be true, we fart! No matter what you call it, whether it be fluffy, rip or quack, EVERYBODY farts. So why is there such widespread ignorance and taboo that clouds the truth about the gas we pass? This is about to change...

The Fart Tootorial clears the air on breaking wind! It will arm you with the skills to clear a room, win the blame game, and, with the proper equipment, light your farts on fire! So, do you think you know all the facts behind your farts?

You might know they stink and make silly sounds, but do you really know why and how? Well now you will! Especially since farting knows no borders. From Angelina Jolie to Prince William, from your mother in law to your English teacher, everybody farts!

120 pages.
Dimensions: 16cm x 12cm.

  The Fart Tootorial Specifications

Barcode # 9781452105024
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.27kg

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