These temporary tattoos for your balding head are perfect for those who are follicly challenged!

Going bald creates a canvas for hilarious tattoos, especially when there's a party around the corner!

So if you're not quite prepared to go permanent with ink, you can adorn a temporary Tattoupee!

Who needs mohawks or pony tails when you can plaster your noggin with tattoos?! Designs include bubbles, power outlets, a fox, a coin slot, a target and even an actual tattoo toupee!

Contains: 35 assorted temporary tattoos for your head!

Dimensions of tin: 12.7cm x 14cm x 1.3cm.
Non-toxic, waterproof and easily removable with soap and a good scrub!

  All the cool Tattoupees Specifications

Barcode # 739048123784
Shipping Weight 0.16kg

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