You can have instant fresh breath at the pull of a trigger!

Mints are extremely handy when we need a hit of minty freshness in a quick and timely manner. Sure, they're useful and taste delightful, but wouldn't they be much cooler with a gun?

That's right, instead of carrying your mints around in a boring transparent box, distribute your mints like a secret agent with this stylish orange shooter.

Load the Tac Tic Attack with the assorted mints supplied, take your aim and fire. The self-loading magazine will allow the mints to be distributed as and when they are required!

Works perfectly with Tic Tacs for re-supply.


- Orange plastic gun shaped candy dispenser
- Assorted candies which may include peppermint, orange, peach, strawberry, lemon and apple flavours (contents may vary)
- Ingredients typically include sugar, magnesium stearate, artificial colours and flavours, gum arabic and carnauba wax

Contains: 1 x Tac Tic Attack Candy Dispenser and 1 x Box of Candy Pellets.

Warning: Do not fire the mints directly into someone's mouth.
This is a novelty item recommended for ages 12 and up.
Dimensions of gun: 21cm (l) x 14cm (w) x 3cm (d).

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Barcode # 5060150686610
Shipping Weight 0.35kg

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