Inside this cool Super Scribbles book you'll find 35 pages of inspirational ideas to help adventure-loving children draw and create weird and wonderful monsters, dinosaurs, superheroes, robots, aliens, and pirates.

Super Scribbles Contains:

  • 5 x Sticker sheets (Superheroes, Aliens, Pirates, Monsters & Dinos and Robots)
  • 5 x Stencil sheets (Superheroes, Aliens, Pirates, Monsters & Dinos and Robots)
  • Heaps of Themed Patterned paper with potential story lines ready to fill in.

With Super Scribbles you're turned into the inventor. You can design your very own monsters, aliens, pirates, superheroes, dinosaurs and robots.

Go crazy with all the stickers, create weird shapes and patterns with your stencils and finally add colour to finish your designs.

Buy this cool Super Scribbles kit and your kids will be making up their own adventures and fun stories in no-time.

  Super Scribbles Specifications

Barcode # 9781445484655
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.73kg

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