Most people are familiar with the original Stylophone, but it's now received a makeover with the awesome Stylophone Beatbox!

Producing the coolest sounds of the millennia, simply use the stylus to touch the metal areas, complete the circuit and make a sound!

The Stylophone Beatbox has three different sound palettes - percussion, actual beatboxing provided by beatbox champion MC Zani, and bass tones - allowing you to create enough beats and melodies to create your own smash hit!

Complete with a crafty percussion loop option, you can take the fun even further by connecting your MP3 player or hi-fi to the Beatbox (via the headphone socket and included cable) and tapping along with your favourite tunes!

Producing several different percussion sounds, from bass drum all the way to hi-hat, the Stylophone Beatbox also comes with a record and scratch function that allows you to playback loops of your work and a tempo adjust switch for beat pitch control during loop playback.

It's basically impossible to get bored of this percussion genius - you can play alone, with headphones, out loud or with friends!

So impress yourself and everyone else with the Stylophone Beatbox today!

- Three different sound settings including percussion, beatboxing and bass.
- Beatboxing provided by beatbox champion MC Zani.
- Loop your beats using the record function.
- Layer your loops and improvise over the top.
- Connect the Stylophone Beatbox to your MP3 player or hi-fi (cable included) so you can jam along to your favourite records.
- Tuning dial so you can change the pitch of the sounds.
- Circular piano-style layout helps control notes for bass voice.
- Speed control can alter the tempo of your loops.
- Headphone socket so you can beatbox in private.

Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
Suitable for ages 8 years
Stylus 10 cm
Size 15 x 12 x 4 cm

  Stylophone Beatbox Specifications

Barcode # 5055256666802
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.35kg

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