The Stirling Engine, patented in 1816 by Rev. Robert Stirling, is a very simple engine that was originally designed to replace notoriously dangerous steam engines during the industrial revolution.

Whilst it enjoyed some success in industrial applications and other smaller appliances like fans and water pumps, it was soon over-shadowed by the introduction of cheaper electric motors.

Due to the fact that it can run on any source of heat however, it now holds promise in the present day for alternative fuel engines, solar power and geothermal power etc.

This miniature version of a Stirling Engine can be used as a portable demonstration of a larger Stirling Engine when placed on top of a hot cup of tea or coffee! A parts breakdown is included.

How it works:

Where steam engines require very high temperatures and pressures to function, the Stirling Engine uses an external heat source to cause expansion and contraction of the gas inside the chamber, which in turn drives the piston. Simply apply a heat source that is 20 degrees more than the environmental temperature and your Stirling Engine will run.

No batteries required.

Dimensions: 12cm (h) x 9cm (w).

  All the cool Stirling Engine Specifications

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