With this amazing device, you and your children can discover the magic of over 70 constellations and 1,500 stars that are visible to the naked eye! Quickly locate, identify and appreciate many of the stars that are closest to our Earth!

If you've ever looked up at the night sky and wondered which stars are which, this amazing gadget is just the thing for you. Its unique design allows you to view the stars with one eye (just as they appear in your location at the very moment you are using your Stellarscope), whilst identifying them on an illuminated star map with the other!

Your Stellarscope star maps are accurate for every night of the year. Simply choose and attach the adapter for your latitude, rotate the time/date selector to choose the current date and time, align your Stellarscope in the right direction using a compass, and observe through the lens until a star map of the night sky can be seen.

Creatively designed with helpful markings to line up your scope in every direction, it is easy to pin-point an exact star or constellation with extraordinary precision. That means that you can peer into a map of the night sky exactly as it was at the moment you were born! What a way to promote an awe-inspiring and infinite perspective of our night sky!

What's included: Your Stellarscope is part of the Star Theatre Collection by Navir. It features a long cylindrical viewfinder with exact date and time settings to produce an interior map disc of the stars within the night sky that are visible to the naked eye. It is further equipped with:

- Several latitude adjustment rings
- Northern and southern hemisphere star maps with over 1500 stars identified (the brightest are labelled by name)
- A protective lens cap and an illumination light to easily track stars and map constellations

Directions for use:
- Your Stellarscope provides a visual map of the sky within its cylindrical tube.
- Each section of your Stellarscope rotates separately from the others.
- To produce a map of the stars, line up the month and date (left section) with the time (middle section) by rotating until their white markings meet.
- Hold your scope vertically with the poles aligned correctly (east facing east where the sun rises, west facing west where the sun sets).
- Now look through the eye piece and adjust the focus to display a clear and accurate picture of the constellations by moving the eye piece in and out.
- Compare your star map with the visible night sky to identify and name specific stars.
- If you find you don't have enough light to view the image clearly, a torch is included. Simply shine the torch onto the end of the tube (opposite the eye piece) so that the star map is clearly visible.
- It's easy to disassemble and reassemble to change latitude adapters and hemispheres.

Please note: Your Stellarscope does not track planets, since their positions are constantly changing. Star maps are accurate between 20¶ø and 60¶ø North or South latitude which includes the continental US as well as most of Alaska and Canada, south of the Arctic Circle.

Water resistant.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.
Dimensions: 14.5cm long (18.5cm when extended).
Detailed instructions included.

Barcode # 8007076323868
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.320kg

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