Sqwishland and Sqwishlander??? Does that sound a bit weird to you?

Well if you're reading this then you're either intrigued by the name and incorrect spelling or you've been told (aka pestered) to check it out by someone under the age of 10.

If you've got no idea what Sqwishlanders are and what this latest cool fun game for kids to play is then just watch the below video for a rundown:

The brain behind this cool collectable is Australian Graeme Warring, which is one of the things we love about it. Graeme says about four years ago his sons started collecting Webkinz - teddy bears that are sold with a secret code.

"Kids use the code to get access to an online game and my kids suggested we do something similar,ƒ?� he says. ƒ??We released it in May 2010 and since then we've sold over 29 million of themƒ?�

As mentioned in the video the online world that Graeme and his team have developed, Sqwishland allows children to take adventures with their Sqwishland animal in a safe and secure environment. Using the toys as the characters (called Sqwishlanders) children play minigames and participate in other activities with one another in the colourful virtual world.

Each physical pack comes with 6 Sqwishlander animals that are around 1.94cm in size and each animal includes a code (called SqwishCode) that you can use in the virtual world online.

Kids can redeem their SqwishCode to add Sqwash (SqwishCash) to their Sqwishland game account which they can in turn use for upgrades and buy cool gadgets within the game.

Within each 6 pack that you buy children also receive a guaranteed Rare and Ultra Rare Sqwishlander. These rare Squishy's can be collected, traded with friends, used online or simply horded for their personal enjoyment.

Children can even use the online Sqwishfinder to locate Sqwishlanders and earn bonus points for use in the games.

There are heaps of cool things planned for Sqwishlanders in Australia like playsets, stop motion video, competitions and heaps of freebies.

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