Introducing SpyX Long Range Wrist Talkies, the newest generation in personal two-way communication!

When you're in the field you need total spy communication to keep in constant voice contact with fellow operatives! When the coast isn't clear, you can transmit secret messages through your Wrist Talkies and stay in contact with friends!

Your lightweight wrist talkie is a compact way to stay in touch with your family at the shopping mall or when mobile phone signals fade when camping, hiking or biking! They're a great way to ensure you're safely within a 3.2km range!

Your pack contains 2 x state of the art Wrist Talkies that provide a new fashionable way to communicate!

- Back light and LCD display
- Voice activation and audio control
- A transmit button and time display
- A multi-channel scanner

Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Requires 6 x AAA batteries (not included).

  All the cool spyX Long Range Wrist Talkies Specifications

Barcode # 840685105207
Shipping Weight 0.45kg

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