Spy in total darkness without using lights!

All family members of any age will love playing the role of spy with the incredible Spy Gear ƒ?? Ultimate Night Vision. Powerful binoculars with real infrared technology, these great goggles illuminate objects normally invisible to the human eye.

You'll be able to see up to 15m in complete darkness with the simple use of 4 AA batteries (not included). That's right, no torches or turning on the light ƒ?? you can see exactly what's going on before anyone or anything sees you!

Complete with IR LED sensors, an adjustable focus, night vision boost, and an eye cover and eye cup adjustment, this incredible gadget is sure to impress!

Featuring a special day mode for when you want to carry out surveillance when it's light, the sensational Spy Gear ƒ?? Ultimate Night Vision will help you track suspects and gather all the clues you need. Was it really the cat that knocked Mum's special garden vase over the other night?

Ultimate stealth. Ultimate surveillance. Ultimate Night Vision ƒ?? VERY cool!

Nothing will get by you with Spy Gear ƒ?? Ultimate Night Vision. Mission complete.

Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 8cm.

  Spy Gear - Ultimate Night Vision Specifications

Barcode # 788668703975
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.66kg

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