It's a table top Foosball Game with a team of soldiers facing off against a team of Zombies!

Each player has control over two rows of three players. Place the blood splattered football in the middle of the table, then push, pull and twist the rods to move your characters and flick the ball towards your goal!

Your players stand out with squishy brains and bloodied shirts on the Zombie team, whilst the soldiers are equipped with uniforms and weapons to take on the undead with force.

Your Football Table itself is appropriately designed with post-apocalyptic warning signs and graffiti spread around the sides and comes with a handy score counter on each end for each team.

Will you be a super zombie or a member of the protection squad?!

Suitable for two players.
Dimensions 50cm long x 29 cm wide x 10cm high.
Ages 6 and up.

  All the cool Soldiers vs Zombies Table Football Specifications

Barcode # 5060275044067
Shipping Weight 2.70kg

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