As far as Sticky Notes go, these are an awesomely cool way to leave a message (not email) for your colleagues the old-fashioned way.

Each Sticky Note looks just like a Facebook wall message, only printed on real, pulp-from-wood paper hard to believe I know!

So post a note on the bulletin board in your office and resist the urge to use Facebook as a means of communication�

You'll be blown away when you experience REAL social interaction as someone actually responds to your message face-to-face!

And now that Facebook has stopped sending emails every time someone blinks, it's no longer a reliable way to get hold of someone. So while it may seem like an impossible task, grab a pen and hand write a note. There's even a box for the date and time!

Social Sticky Notes are Facebook Message in REAL life.

Also available: Like and Dislike Stamps

100 Sticky Notes - 7.5cm x 7.5cm

  Social Sticky Notes Specifications

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.07kg

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