Getting into a non-stop sneezing bout is no fun. Thankfully there's always a reason to laugh with the Sneezing Tissue Box!

Surprise your family and friends at work or at home with this motion-activated tissue box cover. It makes one of six funny noises when you reach in to get a tissue.

These include the sound of a nose being blown, one looonnnggg sneeze, a sneeze followed by 'Gesundheit', three short sneezes in succession, and other all too familiar flu sounds!

With an on/off switch on the top inner rim, the Sneezing Tissue Box fits most standard square-style tissue boxes and is the perfect gift for anyone because let's face it, we all get the sneezes once in a while!

The not so fun task of grabbing a tissue just became enjoyable!

Requires 2 x AA batteries (included for demonstration purposes only).
Dimensions: 14cm x 12.5cm x 16cm.

  Sneezing Tissue Box Specifications

Barcode # 9318051056992
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.39kg

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