Having trouble getting kids to go to bed?

Simon and the Team from Swordfish Toys have come up with a very creative solution that we all love here at CoolThings and I think you will too.

He's called Sleepy Monkey and at first glance you might just think he's an ordinary although groovy looking soft, fury and cuddly Monkey.

BUT, that's where the comparison to other toys ends!

The cool thing about this Monkey is that his tummy and ears are made of a special new safety formulated glow in the dark fabric that when drawn on with a special UV pen starts to glow. Think Glow in the Dark Stars only soft and cuddly.

There's no ink in the pen, it's got a special light that works on the fabric to make it glow.

Kids spend ages drawing and doodling in the dark until they fall asleep, they can draw or write whatever they like and after a few minutes the writing slowly fades so they can start over again.

Watch the video below to see it in action, it's slightly corny at the start but you'll get the idea.

We think the Sleepy Monkey is a very cool soft toy, one of the coolest we've seen this year.

So get one of these and turn sleep time into a fun and easy time of the night.

Sleepy Monkey Video - Click PLAY to see him in action

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Sleepy Monkey Reviews

I bought this for my 9 year old who is still a lit

By: Elissa E on 20 July 2009
I bought this for my 9 year old who is still a little bit afraid of the dark. She felt a night light was too babyish, but absolutely loves the Sleepy Monkey. If my daughter wakes during the night, she will play with the monkey (instead of waking up Mum). I've found that the light is bright enough to reassure her, and she's usually asleep again within minutes. I would certainly recommend the Sleepy Monkey to everyone, because not only is it useful, it's just lots of fun.

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