Your Siconi Sticky Strip Pigas is a multipurpose silicone tape that can tack an assortment of items to a wide variety of surfaces without leaving a sticky residue! You can keep your recipes and notes organised in the kitchen, or stick your memory stick and car parking ticket to your dashboard so you never lose the things you need to keep handy!

You can use your Pigas Sticky Strip on both vertical and horizontal surfaces such as your fridge, computer monitor or desktop, and liven up your work environment with this fun alternative to push pins! Designed to deliver better living to every modern home, you can cut your strip to your required length and attach your photos and memos with ease!

When your sticky strip needs a wash, simply wipe it down using mild soapy water and it's ready to use again and again! It can also withstand heat and cold, varying from temperatures between -20Ó?C and +60Ó?C, so it won't make a sticky mess when left in the sun! Ideal for pinning up posters to your windows or bedroom walls!

Also available: Siconi Sticky Animo Designs (a variety of different animal shapes) and the Siconi sticky pad!

Non-toxic and odour free.
You will receive a strip that is 3cm wide and 150cm long.
Pigas design available in pink only.

  Siconi Sticky Strip Pigas Specifications

Barcode # 4897021407262
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.09kg

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