Self-Stirring Lazy Mug

Self-Stirring Lazy Mug
Self-Stirring Lazy Mug PackagingSelf-Stirring Lazy Mug Top
Great office gift for the idle!
  • Cheaper than a servant
  • Save energy on menial tasks
  • Don't get yourself in a spin!
  •
Great office gift for the idle!

Convenience is the perfect word to describe the way of the future... Especially when you no longer need a teaspoon to stir your tea of coffee!

Simply press the button on the size of this Lazy Mug and all the “hard” work is taken away. It’s the ultimate slothful drinking experience!

What's more, the Self-Stirring mug is fully-insulated and comes with a non-spill lid. We wouldn’t want you to have to heat up your drink!

It’s the perfect mug for tea, coffee, soup, milo, hot chocolate or whatever takes your fancy.

An ideal gift for any LAZY lover of hot drinks in your life! It's the perfect brew at the touch of a button!

Just press the button for instant stirring action!
NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.
Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).


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