In the eighteenth century the great Swiss clockmaker Jaquet-Droz built an automaton which could scrawl any sentence on a piece of paper. Completed in 1772 his astonishing mechanism was presented in every court in Europe and fascinated the world's most important people: the kings and emperors of China, India and Japan.

Fast forward to our current century� Tasmanian engineer, artist, musician & inventor Shasa Bolton has dreamed up his own version of the mechanical writing automata and he's called his creation Scriblo.

Scriblo the Handwriting Automation can sketch simple words and pictures when you turn the handle and he comes in flat pack kit form. Pieces slot easily together without glue and you can even mount him on the wall as a piece of art or place him in pride of place on your coffee table. The kit comes with the cams pre-cut to spell the word "yes".

Also available is the Scriblo Cam Kit, use this kit to get Scriblo to draw your own words and designs.

Please note, this kit is marked as challenging. Designed for ages 12+

  Scriblo The Handwriting Automation Specifications

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