Move aside MacGyver. The Screwpop tool turns your humble little key ring into an awesome replacement for the swiss army knife. With this tool you get a pair of screwdrivers(flat head and Phillips head) and a 1/4ƒ?ü hexagonal nut driver suitable for PC screws as well as a bottle opener.

The ScrewPop tool is a unique, multi-functional keyring tool, which we've found to be extremely useful here are CoolThings.

Here's a full rundown on what you get and what it does:

1) Flat head screwdriver
2) Phillips Head screwdriver
3) Bottle Opener (Suitable for beer, homebrew, and any other drink with a cap)
4) 1/4" Hexagonal Nut Driver

Switching from the flat head to the Phillips head is simple, all it requires is a simple pull, flip, then re-place technique. The body of the tool itself is constructed from a durable and tough Zinc alloy that's coated in a fine layer of Chrome and the bit is made from proper tool steel.

The Screwpop tool looks to us to be pretty indestructible, so if you're looking for a handy item to put on a keychain we'd recommend you grab one of these handy tools.

  Screwpop Tool Specifications

Barcode # 854552002018
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.08kg

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