Remote Controlled Lamborghini in Hand

Forget about slot cars, this 1:32 Scale Lamborghini remote controlled car is like something straight out of TopGear.

Small enough to race indoors, you'll find you can turn almost any area into a custom designed raceway.

This venom brand Remote Controlled Lamborghini is quick to get going, you simply wack in some standard AA batteries, switch it on, set it down on the floor, hit the controller and let the racing begin.

Anyone who can play a car racing game on PlayStation, Xbox or Wii will have fun with one of these cool RC cars. The main difference with racing a mini RC Car is that you can actually feel the energy because you're dealing with a physical, tangible car instead of a digitised virtual computerised car.

We've tested these cars extensively in our warehouse and now all we need to do is work out how to get the guys back to work....

The Remote Controlled 1:32 Lamborghini Features:

  • Full 6 way direct steering with which means you have full control and can go forwards, backwards, left and right.
  • Fine Left & Right Steering adjustment to ensure your car goes perfectly straight all the time.
  • Racing operation suitable for ages 6+ or anyone who can operate a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii
  • 1:32 Scale 16cm Long x 6.5cm wide
  • Removable Body shell, you can remove the car shell and perform custom paint jobs and make your car totally unique.
  • Frequency 27.2 Mhz

The Lamborghini is awesome fun by itself but even more fun when raced against all the cars in the series. See: RX7, Nissan, Lancer

Power Requirements are: 2 x AA Batteries for the Car and 2 x AA Batteries for the Controller (not included)

  Remote Controlled Lamborghini 1:32 Scale Specifications

Barcode # 845623013866
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.40kg

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