Don't get up, this cooler brings the drinks to you!

It's hot... you're thirsty... but your cooler full of icy drinks is at the other end of the patio...

Problem solved. Just grab the hand-held remote shaped like a bottle cap and steer it over to your chair with the world's first remote controlled cooler!

The ultimate gift for pool, patio or couch loungers, this collapsible cooler can be used indoors or out, and commanded from over 9 metres away with excellent handling and mobility.

This soft-sided beauty holds up to 12 beverages and sits atop four wheels. It requires 6 x C batteries for the cooler, and 1 x 9V battery for the remote (not included).

Complete with removable shoulder strap, the R/C Drinks Cooler folds down for easy storage or transport and is made out of heavy duty plastic. To operate you simply extend, add drinks and ice, and you're free to fight over the remote!

So why not put an end to those nights you've sat around uttering the wish for the fridge to come to you, and quit trying to train the dog. Because the solution is here with the R/C Drinks Cooler from Coolthings Australia!

- Works indoors and outdoors.
- Heavy duty plastic top and bottom.
- Nylon bag cooler.
- Zippered lid to keep the cold in and pests out.

Approximately 35 cm tall and 30 cm in diameter.
Can carry up to 12 cans/stubbies or 3 bottles of wine.

Dexter the robot says: "Any free delivery offers will be disabled with this product due to its weight"

Remote Controlled Drinks Cooler - Click PLAY to see it it action

Barcode # 628741708209
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 2.800kg

R/C Drinks Cooler Reviews

I love it! This is the best gadget I have seen. Ca

By: Ron S on 15 December 2008 - Verified Customer
I love it! This is the best gadget I have seen. Can't wait to see my mates faces at the Christmas barbie!

This is a great idea especially in the pool which

By: Wendy P on 30 October 2008 - Verified Customer
This is a great idea especially in the pool which means no more running inside to the fridge!

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