In QuarterMaster, 2-4 players take it in turns to place tiles in front of them and try and match up the terrain quarters of each tile with existing tiles! By strategically setting up tiles to match other tile quadrants, players can earn extra turns in this tight battle to be the first player to clear the deck!

And, for those more experienced puzzles, or those who like to play alone or in pairs, your pack includes the instructions to complete an additional game of Quartermaster solitaire! It's a great game to take away to your shack, or a game to challenge the kids at the table after a family meal.

How to play:

1. Shuffle all 70 terrain tiles and divide them evenly in front of each player, keeping them face down.
2. Players then take turns to reveal the top tile from their stack, and place it upwards on the table.
3. Each tile must be placed alongside an existing tile that has already been played, so that the graphics match up with the terrain on the previous tile (e.g. farm, ocean, beach or forest).
4. If a player cannot match the terrain on any of the existing tiles, he must keep his tile upwards in front of him, for as many turns as it takes before he can play the tile successfully. If however, a player can match up two sides of their tile to the terrain at once, they can draw another tile in the same turn which can be immediately played, and so on.
5. If a player can match 3 or 4 sides of his tile in one move, he can then choose to turn up 1-3 more tiles from his deck in the same play, and choose which order in which to play them. His turn ends when he finally cannot match more than one terrain, and he has run out of upturned tiles.
6. If you need to even up the game play and increase the strategy to win, you can limit the number of additional tiles drawn in each player's turn to 6.
7. The winner is the first player to clear their deck of tiles.

Suitable for 2-4 players.
Recommended for ages 8 - 108.
Takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Barcode # 9341570006360
Brand SimplyCool
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