Whether you're at school or at work, there are often moments of excruciating boredom. So drive away the pain with these cool gadgets and turn your pencil into the ultimate racing machine! Challenge your friends to a PullBax race!

Simply attach the front of the car to one end of your pencil and the back end of the car to the other end of the same pencil. Pull back, release, and watch it go across the desk at high speeds! Ideal for the home or office!

But if you lose the included pencil, you can always replace it with any other standard pencil, or remove the pencil altogether and click the car together to create your very own miniature racer.

Includes: A pencil, your PullBax Car, a set of stickers to decorate your car, and a spark plug shaped eraser so you can erase all those silly errors you made in your work whilst distracted!

Each sold separately.
Assorted red and blue available only (chosen at random).

  All the cool PullBax Pencil Racers Specifications

Barcode # 5060275041363
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