Popshotz Air Blaster

Fire suction foam darts at your friends or colleagues with this fantastic air-powered dart gun!

The handle is the trigger! Load with rockets, balls or darts, then squeeze the handle to send them flying.

Load three balls at once or take your arsenal with you using the handy ammunition holder. The harder you squeeze the further they go. Blast them over 9 metres!

For instant ball re-load, simply place the Ball Blaster Barrel over the foam ball, and push down. Now you're ready for action!

Hint: Be sure to leave air in the handle when you re-load!

Both safe and amusing, you'll create havoc wherever you go!

Pack Includes:
- 1 Popshotz Blaster
- 1 Ball Blaster Barrel
- 1 Dart and Rocket Barrel
- 3 Foam Rockets
- 3 Foam Balls
- 3 Foam Darts
- 1 Soft Foam Ammo Holder

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For indoor and outdoor fun.
Made of safe, soft and colourful foam.
Colours may vary from illustration.
No batteries required.
Recommended for ages 6+

  All the cool Popshotz Air Blaster Specifications

Barcode # 9320832003187
Shipping Weight 0.32kg

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