Are you tired of your co-workers using, or even swiping your trusty coffee mug at the office?

Nobody likes getting to the office in the morning and looking for their mug, just to learn that some other colleague is already using it. So now there's a mug with a removable plug that renders it useless to those would-be coffee criminals!

The Plug Mug is simple in design, looking much like any regular coffee mug, but the key to its brilliance lies in the prominent hole in the side which requires the accompanying plug to be useable.

Simply keep the plug safely stowed away from harm (on your keyring or desk draw) and you'll find that your mug is always left on the shelf. Made from a non-allergenic food-safe rubber, the plug fits perfectly in the mug hole to make it watertight and safe for only you to drink. Unless of course someone else in the office orders one or gets crafty with a cork.

The Plug Mug is dishwasher safe.
Dimensions: 9cm x 8cm x 11.5cm

  Plug Mug Specifications

Barcode # 5060096190608
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.36kg

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