Ever wondered what your pet does and sees when you're not around?

Well all will be revealed with this first-of-its-kind digital collar camera from Coolthings Australia!

A tiny camera on your pet's collar will let you see through the eyes of your cat or dog while they tour the neighbourhood getting up to all kinds of mischief.

The ultra-compact and extremely durable digital Pet's View Camera clips onto your pet's collar just like an ID tag, so your pet won't even know its there! The internal memory stores over 40 photos, and the timer can be set to automatically take a shot every 1, 5, or 15 minutes!

Including a USB charger, USB cable, and lithium-ion battery, the Pet's Eye View Camera has 640 x 480 resolution for 4 x 6 inch prints!

Its water-resistant ABS housing will keep it secure while your friend roams the world, giving you the chance of a lifetime to actually see all the stories your pet has been dying to tell you for years!

Compatible with PC or Mac computers.
Pet collar not included.
Use only with a flat nylon webbing or leather belt collar that are at least 10mm wide.
Never use product with a chain or rolled collars as these create a choking hazard.

Barcode # 042499015387
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.100kg

Pet's Eye View Camera Reviews

We have both a Cat and a Dog (who are around the s

By: Lynne E on 19 July 2009
We have both a Cat and a Dog (who are around the same size/weight), and we have found it takes better photos from the Dog's collar as it sits nice and neatly and securely on the wider, flat collar types. The Cat's collar being a bit smaller and more stretchy, the camera seemed to dangle and did not sit as snugly as when the dog was wearing it. The photos they each took came out quite good, obviously when they were on the move we got blurry shots, or when they were sleeping they were black photos as they were lying on the camera, but the rest gave us a good laugh and a fair idea of what they were doing when we were not around! A word of advice - don't put the camera on them before they eat their food - it will end up in the food bowl & also their water bowl! We had to dry it out once but thank god it still worked! The camera is easy to use as the instructions were thorough. It is a very cool toy and something all cat & dog owners should try!

Have seen this in the paper and I'm going to get o

By: Anonymous on 14 June 2009
Have seen this in the paper and I'm going to get one as we have 2 dogs and we know they're getting out while we are at work but don't know which dog and where abouts in the yard they're doing it.

Saw this in the Paper, what a cool thing!!

By: Jonathon H on 22 January 2009
Saw this in the Paper, what a cool thing!! Now I can see if My dog really is responsible for chewing up my shoes while I'm at work.

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