Just in from Japan, this cute glazed ceramic Peropon PAPA cat laps up water to feed the plant growing on his back!

Made possible by his clever felt tongue which is discreetly connected to the pot, your adorable pet cat comes complete with everything you need to grow a wild strawberry plant on your kitchen window sill. It's a fun and educational gift for both children and adults!

Drinking directly from his water dish to get his daily water intake, you'll grow a happy and healthy plant. It's easy to transplant to a larger pot or garden down the track by removing the included peat plug. Enjoy the delicious taste of juicy, home-grown strawberries!

Also available as the Peropon PAPA Self Watering Dog with Clover - purchase both for a happy ceramic family!

Your pack includes: 1 x XL Peropon Cat, peat plug, seeds, plastic tray and instructions.

Can be re-used with other seeds.
Dimensions: 18cm x 12cm x 12 cm.

  All the cool Peropon PAPA Self Watering Cat with Strawberry Specifications

Barcode # 4528757033424
Shipping Weight 0.95kg

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