Pendulum Wave

Pendulum Wave
Pendulum Wave with Wooden Push RodPendulum Wave Side ViewPendulum Wave Packaging
It seems like magic, but it's physics!
  • A desktop toy for the classroom or office
  • It's a dazzling example of kinetic motion
  • The perfect office gift for passing the time!
  •
It seems like magic, but it's physics!

This extraordinary desktop toy is a beautiful display of physics, similar in design to that of a Newton's Cradle.

However, unlike the Newton's Cradle, this model represents varying frequencies, portrayed by different lengths of string, and in turn, the wavelength of the pendulum. The length of each string demonstrates the speed at which the pendulum will swing. The shorter it is, the faster it is.

By using the wooden rod included in your pack, you can push back all of the strings simultaneously and watch as they create a mesmerising wave pattern. What a great office gift with its relaxing and rhythmical "click, click, click" and captivating visual wave effect!

You will receive: 15 steel balls on a plastic and metal base with a wooden push rod.

Dimensions: Approximately 42cm x 26cm x 17cm.


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