I've heard that golf is a game of fine control and calm reflection... That explains all the bent clubs and battle scarred fairways then!

Unfortunately the "On the Go" Golfbag won't improve your swing, but it is full of really useful stuff to help you get through a slow round in good humour.

Why not tuck one in your bag before leaving the clubhouse, it will save you rummaging through your things to find your golf tees!

Exactly what's supplied with your kit: golf tees, energy slab, pitch mark repairer, golf ball marker, score pencil, hand warmer, lip balm, sunscreen, refresher wipes, bandaids and tissues.

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Dimensions: 15.5cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 4cm (H).

  On the Go Pods - Golfbag Specifications

Barcode # 5060082870316
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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