If you're a fan of Facebook updates, you'll love these Flipbook updates for your desk at work!

Your Desktop Status Bar lets you write your own name on the dry-wipe status bar and select a status that describes you at the VERY moment it is chosen! Dry-wipe marker pen included.

Choose from one of the following statuses to tell the world exactly how you feel!

Perhaps you're having a great day, laughing out loud, out of the office or watching the clock! Or maybe you're sad, want to go home, and are looking forward to the weekend!

However you're feeling it's best to let the world know. That way your colleagues can offer the space or support you need! It may not be the time to ask for a pay rise...

Dimensions: 18cm (l) x 11cm (h) x 1cm (w).
Contains: 1 x ring-bound desktop status bar with 15 status updates and 1 x dry wipe marker pen.
Other status updates include:

- is hungover
- is silently judging you
- wishes everyone would just [beeep] off!
- is surrounded by incompetence
- is here in body only
- is in a meeting
- has just farted
- is about to explode

  Office Antics - Desktop Status Bar Specifications

Barcode # 5032331024023
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.20kg

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