The amazing Mousetrap racer is part mousetrap, part car. It zooms along powered by a mousetrap spring!

Replace the wheels with old CD's to make it look fantastic and run even further!

Learn the science behind the project while building and having fun!

1 Front Base Plate (narrow) with spring and wire frame installed.
1 Rear Base Plate (wide) with axle and winding drum installed.
1 Set Arm Cap Case (base and cover).
1 Set Arm Holder Case (base and cover).
1 Short Axle, 2 Connecting Rods, and 1 Winding Arm.
4 Small Wheels and 4 Large Wheels.
Adhesive Foam, Screws and Detailed Instructions.

Also needed, but not included in this kit, is a small cross-head screwdriver.

Colours and contents may vary from those illustrated.
This is intended to be an educational kit which demonstrates science principles in a fun way.
All assembly and operation of the project should be supervised by an adult or child 14 years and up.
Read all instructions prior to use.

  Mousetrap Racer Specifications

Barcode # 4893156039088
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.40kg

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