Now even the youngest of people can approach the amazing world of palaeontology !

The Mosasaurus was one of the largest and last of the Mosasaurs. The remains of this great marine lizard were first discovered in Holland in 1770. It had an elongated strong head, and jaws fitted with tough cone-shaped teeth which were slightly curved for crushing and cutting.

With small teeth on its palate, the Mosasaurus was a formidable predator which swam in the open seas. And now he's back, ready to be discovered by you!

Start the adventure with your very own hammer and chisel, and become just like a real palaeontologist !

This Mosasaurus Excavation Kit gives you the very special opportunity to release 15 parts of a Mosasaurus skeleton from a block of earth, and then put them together to create your very own model to put on display.

With all the tools and picture instructions you need to complete this masterpiece, the Mosasaurus Kit is perfect for any dinosaur-lovers around.

Once assembled Mosasaurus measures approximately 36cm long.

Other designs available in the Excavation Kit range are Tyrannosaurus, Stygimoloch, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Ichthyosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Neanderthal and Stegosaurus!

  Mosasaurus Excavation Kit Specifications

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