Moodles Presents "Stressed" is a book that encourages you to doodle out your emotions. Such a simple and effective tool to help change your mood. All you need is a pen or pencil, and your imagination. Why not have a range of colours and colour in your moodles too.

Colouring books for mindfulness and stress release are very popular, and these books add another aspect for those who love to doodle too. Moodle according to your mood.

Some of the ideas within the book are:

  • write a break up letter to your stress
  • life is a roller coaster, moodle yours
  • explore a new point of view, lie on your side and draw what you see
  • moodle a bear to hug

Keep your moodle book nearby to relieve stressful situations.

A Moodle is a doodle with the power to change your mood.

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