Welcome to your Moodle Book. What is a Moodle? I hear you ask.

Well, a moodle is a doodle with the power to change your mood. Be it grumpy or glad, awful to joyful, or glad back to mad. It's cheaper than therapy and less fattening than chocolate cake, so doodle away for a better day!

All you need is a pen or pencil, imagination and an open mind. Be prepared to delve into your innermost thoughts, ideas and concepts, and uncover your subconscious and lay it bare on the page. Admire it, mock it, and marvel at it until you feel much chirpier!

Let the moodle wisdom lead you on a journey, following the mark you make, until the final stop - a state of complete euphoric joyfulness, radiating love, light and positivity. And next time you need a little joyful lift, simply revisit the pages of this book to put the spring back in your step!

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