Ok, so you're stuck in a bit of a hole....Moodle yourself a ladder to climb out. Moodles Presents "Grumpy" is a new therapeutic doodling concept to help you moodle away your grumpy mood.

Step 1: Get a pencil or pen or crayon....
Step 2: Scribble all your frustration onto the page

Moodles Presents "Grumpy" contains therapeutic doodles to help relieve you of your mood wherever you lie on the grumpy spectrum.

Some of the ideas within the book are:

  • need to find your happy place? sketch it here
  • look on the bright side, moodle with neon pens
  • draw 3 things you are grateful for today
  • moodle your rescue from the island of glum

This compact book is a great size to keep handy for when the doodling mood strikes.

The moodle: a simple thing that can really turn your day around.

  Moodles Presents Grumpy Specifications

Barcode # 9781474804882
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.30kg

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