Mood Stars are "coloured morphing accent lights" that glow, change colours and create a fascinating glow that lights up your room. Mood Stars are portable and a lot of fun!

Mood stars morph over five colours. You really have to see and hold one to understand why nearly every adult, teen or child we've showed wants a mood star! They are especially attractive in low light but work under any lighting conditions. Children find them magical and transfixing, while adults find them relaxing and unique.

Use a mood star as a cool night light, or use them to entertain children in the car or as they drift off to sleep. We've used them to light our bathroom at night.

If you're creatively inclined, you can build around the basic assembly to make personalised lamps using rice paper for unique shapes such as cones, pyramids and cylinders of light, or use them in frosted globes, bowls and vases to make very interesting custom decorative displays of shifting colours.

They are made of frosted PVC that glows from LED's inside as they shift through a cycle of colours. The Stars use colour morphing technology to cycle through a spectrum of many colours as they change between red, green and blue primary colours. Average run time of over 48 hours when left on continuously. Product Size: 5.7cm x 10cm x 8cm.

Requires two CR1632 button cell batteries (factory demo batteries are included, please note: these demo batteries may not run for the full 48 hours). With fresh batteries your Mood Light Star will run for an average of over 48 hours.

Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.120kg

Mood Star Reviews

I liked this one a lot, the glowing is very soft a

By: Dondi M on 19 September 2009
I liked this one a lot, the glowing is very soft and soothing and changes very slowly from colour to colour and thus is very nice to chill out and relax too. We had it inside our tent at Burning Man and it made the whole tent glow.

What a great little gadget I am sure my nieces wil

By: Danielle R on 13 November 2008
What a great little gadget I am sure my nieces will love these at Christmas time. Once in the dark they really do light up!

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