What a way to release your frustration and stress! Wham it now!

This 40cm Wham-It Anti Stress device is perfect to stop you punching holes in your walls at home!

When you feel your pressure rising, take it out on your Wham-It.

Whether it be your homework, your dog, your bills or even your kids, let this load of laughs take your stress away as you physically try to knock down your weighted, inflatable device!

Made from durable vinyl your Mini Wham-It comes uninflated in a can for easy storage!

Inflate your Wham-It and position it in an unrestricted area to allow for maximum recoil capabilities. Once you've assumed a proper mental state, take the appropriate stance and focus your aggravation on your Wham-It!

Experience relief and a sense of accomplishment as your temper fades it's highly effective against damaging stress!

Can't think of a reason to release some tension? Your Wham-It contains a list of reasons to interface with your device! Bad hair day? Wham It! Ran out of toilet paper? Wham It! Big banks and rising interest rates? Wham It!

Automated phone calls? Wham It really hard!

Measures approximately 40cm tall.
1 metre tall Wham-It Anti-Stress Device also available.

Barcode # 026927235004
Brand SimplyCool
Shipping Weight 0.420kg

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