These cute little critters will hang around anywhere!

Just suction cup one of the delightful, miniature critters to a mirror, window, door, fridge or anything else you can find, then watch them bounce around.

Mini Critters are approximately 10cm long, they dangle on their ultra springy spring, just 6cm, yet it has a safe stretching distance of over 40cm!! So the slightest bump will send your mini critters swirling and bouncing like crazy!!

  Mini Critters Specifications

Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.02kg

Mini Critters Reviews

These little guys are just soooo cute!! With their

By: Hidie M on 14 December 2005
These little guys are just soooo cute!! With their dangly little legs!! I got a horse for my sister and a cow for myself and we put them on the fridge door!! It's so cute when you open it and they dance araound!!

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