This classic toy demonstrates the power of centrifugal forces!

Children are sure to love learning tricks as they thread the gyro cord into the hole on the axle of the Gyroscope and pull to start the spinning action. With a bit of practice you can ever get the Gyroscope to balance on your hand, on a pedestal, or on its own cord!

Your pack has 1 x Mini Space Wonder Gyroscope consisting of a body rotating around an axle called a gyro wheel, along with a pedestal and cord.

It's a great educational toy and an excellent introduction into the realms of science and physics. You'll be amazed by its capacity to defy the forces of gravity and stay upright in a range of unlikely positions, and as you learn about gyroscopic balance, you can research how it applies to bicycles, satellites, levitating tops and navigation systems!

Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Your Gyroscope is 6.5cm in diameter.
Available in an assortment of colours chosen at random (red and yellow currently available).

  Mini Space Wonder Gyroscope Specifications

Barcode # 8006944602029
Brand CoolThings Australia
Shipping Weight 0.19kg

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