Instruction Booklet

Instruction Booklet

Paper Animation Kits are a fun and educational way to learn about basic mechanisms. If you can fold and glue, you can make one!

These cool automata kits come with an easy to follow, fully illustrated instruction booklet. All you need is a tube of PVA glue, scissors, and a ruler, and you can add delightful models to your collection.

A great introduction to simple mechanics, these kits are suitable for anyone aged over 10, but with parent help can be a great challenge for younger kids too.

You've heard of the Mexican Wave. Now with this fantastic paper animation kit you can get to know all about the Mexican Peck first hand.

Moving Mexican Peck

Moving Mexican Peck

Once completed, these funky chickens peck at the ground one after another down the line.

Easy to assemble and fun to share, Mexican Peck will provide hours of old-fashioned fun for the crafty and curious. All you have to do is cut, fold, glue and assemble the pieces.

Mexican Peck is just one from the fantastic range of flat pack Paper Animation Kits - so why not get collecting today?!

Tools for assembly not included.
Dimensions of Flat Pack: 20cm x 20cm.

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  Mexican Peck Paper Animation Kit Specifications

Barcode # 673944000018
Brand SimplyCool

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