What a cool item. Make a shout wherever you go with this Mighty Megaphone Keychain!

This super loud Megaphone means you'll never struggle to be heard again. Amplify your voice at the press of a button! Hold your keys and speak through the mini voice amplifier to get your point across!

Instructions for use:

1. Switch on your Megaphone using the switch on the back just below the microphone.
2. Hold the Megaphone close to your mouth and press and hold the white switch on the handle.
3. Speak into the microphone to amplify your voice. Now you can shout from the roof tops!
4. Switch off after use to avoid battery drainage.

Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included).
Dimensions: 8cm (l) x 7cm (w) x 4cm (d).

  All the cool Megaphone Keychain Specifications

Barcode # 5060224470480
Shipping Weight 0.12kg

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