Introducing Mecho ClawBot, the coolest bot with claws that move up and down.

Great afternoon project for kids aged 5+ (with mum or dads help) or for 12+ solo construction.

Like the battle bots you see on TV, construction of this robot kit could be the thing that starts them on a journey into the cool field of engineering.

In this kit you receive:

  • A set of pre-cut colourful foam boards
  • A set of plastic cases
  • Gears and wheels
  • A motor
  • A screw (for the battery pack)
  • Stickers and detailed instructions

(Also required but not included: two 1.5 V AA batteries and a cross-head screwdriver.)

Featured in:

Featured in MyChild Magazine 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

  All the cool Mecho ClawBot Specifications

Barcode # 4893156034052
Shipping Weight 0.57kg

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